Dr. Dulal C. Kar (Principal Investigator)
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Responsible for coordinating activities between the science and engineering researchers and the IT professionals as well as leading the testing and performance evaluation of the science DMZ and its supporting network infrastructure.
Dr. James Gibeaut (Co-PI)
Harte Research Institute Chair for Geospatial Science
Responsible for the coastal, marine, and environmental sciences component of the project. Dr. Gibeaut is leading the effort to organize and manage activities of GRIIDC (Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information and Data Cooperative) members for data sharing.
Dr. Feiquin Xie (Co-PI)
Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science
Responsible for the atmospheric sciences component of the project as well as for collaboration efforts on data downloading and sharing with other institutions and agencies, including NOAA and NASA.
Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu (Co-PI)
Associate Professor of Engineering
Responsible for the environmental sciences component as well as the broadening participation component of the project that involves coordinating the team's educational outreach effort.
Dr. Ruizhi Chen (Senior Personnel)
Endowed Chair and Professor of Geographic Information Science
Responsible for the Geospatial Computing Sciences component of the project. Dr. Chen is also involved in overseeing and coordinating activities of the science team of the project.
Mr. Terry Tatum (Co-PI)
Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Responsible for overall management of the TAMUCC IT team for equipment acquisition and deployment and ensuring compliance with university, state, and federal standards for network and data security.
Mr. Joshua Gonzalez
TAMUCC Assistant Director of Network Services
Responsible for overseeing equipment installation by the vendor, testing, and optimizing network services as well as deployment of fast network access links to the Science DMZ.
Mr. Felimon Gayanilo
Systems Architect
Responsible for activities associated with physical implementation of the Science DMZ with science data servers and associated network infrastructure.

Ms. Patricia Philipps
IT Project Manager
Responsible for coordinating meetings and activities that involve the faculty and IT personnel.
Alejandro D. Uresti
Undergraduate Assistant
Assists the TAMUCC Network Services staff, the science team, and the PI in various tasks such as maintaining the website and collecting/organizing network traffic data for the purpose of optimizing network services and reporting to NSF.